Among the various services that I offer as a wedding photographer, couple portraits are one of the most exciting and my favorite of all. I feel this is where the couples can have a blast as part of their wedding photography. No matter what amount of planning goes into a wedding, weddings are always overwhelming for the bride or the groom. They are packed in their busy schedule and so immersed into it, they forget what wedding is all about – having fun! That is where these couple shoot help a lot. Generally happening a week or 2 before or after the wedding, or at times day or two before the wedding, these couple shoots are when the couple gets to spend some time together without the hustle and bustle of the ceremonies involved in an Indian wedding.

Usually, couples have lot of hesitation about how would the photos of the wedding be & how would be the photographer. Pre-wedding couple shoot always helps the couple understand their photographer, their style of work, their approach and make them comfortable during the wedding.

In fact most of the couples who choose to do the outdoor shoot, have personally told me that the best part of their wedding was the couple portraits because they got some time alone from everything else. From the photographer’s perspective, these outdoor shots are great because there is so much control on what’s happening with the subjects, unlike the wedding shoot when you are at the mercy of the wedding planners & organizers.