Did you Know?

What is Candid Wedding Photography?

Candid Photography is just about the moments. A wedding is not a staged event. It is the culmination of two families, and the celebration of their moments. A trained photographic eye captures moment as it is, and that enhances the beauty of the photographs. Every emotion encapsulating the moment is captured, as it unfolds. There are no layers, no masks. Right then, right there, without any intrusions. We don’t request you to pose for the photographs, or repeat your moments again. We capture what that moment is all about, in all it’s true form. And this we believe adds life to photographs. 

At Vivaha Studios, it’s all about being Candid. We are trained to this approach, and we work hard to help you relive your moments. We are adept at Photojournalism as well. Photojournalism is a method of approaching the story of an event / wedding through pictures. Available light, and the emotions attached are the key elements that constitute a perfect photojournalism storyboard. We photographers build on that :). We believe that the ambiance light retains the essence and mood of the moments that are being captured. It has another name that known as wedding documentary, UN-posed, Contemporary, Candid, Artistic Photography. Wedding day events as they happened with no involvement direction or control from the photographer. He captures a moment as it unfolds without orchestrating it.  We thrive on live emotions. We believe in the power of raw moments that can create magic, and unfold a story. We do not bend down to anything artificial, natural is true, natural is correct, and natural is beautiful. Natural is also essentially soulful. We believe in Candid Photography that reflects the soulfulness of your event. We work toward giving you an output that will keep the fabric as is, original, and true to the spirit of your wedding with a layer of happy colors that salsa-around your wedding memories. What if you don’t dance, help us help your pictures dance to the tune of your life.

Of course!!! All the magic happens here!

What is Traditional / Conventional Wedding Photography?

Traditional wedding photography is the complete opposite of Candid Photography. We try to create an album out of your wedding then and there. We will ask you to pose and smile and weave expressions. A lot of things about your wedding photography are staged. Which is also a good thing because you decide what should be clicked, and shouldn’t be clicked? The order of the wedding is categorically captured, the ‘sequence’ of people gifting you is thoroughly shot, and the photography throughout the event is ‘consistent’. It’s not flashy, it’s very straight forward, and very studio-ish, so you will know what to expect in your wedding album.

There are 2 traditional pictures that are mixed with a set of candid pictures in this gallery, I am sure this will catch your eyes the moment you see them and be able to distinguish them.